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Do You Have a Mystery Room in Your House?

Posted by Junk King on Feb 3, 2011 10:38:17 AM

Do you remember visiting a friend's house when you were little, and not being able to go into certain rooms? As a young child, this only made me more curious about what those 'off-limits' rooms actually contained. I'd try to get a quick peak behind a veiled curtain or a slightly opened door, but it wasn't enough. So, to satisfy my curiosity, I would embark on journeys to each of those mystery rooms and uncover the treasures or dangers that were clearly being hidden from me.

When my friend's mom was off in the kitchen making fluffer-nutter sandwiches, I'd make a break for it. Zipping across long hallways I'd round corners with my back to the wall. I'd cautiously approach the room, and then throw aside the curtain or fling open the door, as if expecting to surprise some mystery room inhabitant.

Sometimes these rooms would be covered from rug to wall in shiny plastic wrap. It was as if the room was being preserved for some distant future, when the people living there could finally enjoy sitting on that lime green couch. Even the lamps in these room would be meticulously sheltered in plastic, reminding me of little astronauts wearing protective space suits.

Sometimes these rooms were extremely well-hidden. I would creep up a flight of stairs and pull down a secret door in the ceiling, unhinging a short ladder that lead up to the darkness. These rooms were dingy and dusty, with old relics sitting around, as if waiting for someone to finally use them again. One creak or shuffle on the wooden floor and my nerves would go, following me all the way back down the ladder into the light.

There were other types of mystery rooms too. Rooms that housed broken down appliances, like a washing machine that could no longer spin or a refrigerator that had ruined one too many dinners. Rooms with exercise bikes missing their pedals and lawn mowers that had given in to rust. There rooms that were big and small; those that had broken tiles on the floor and those that had paint peeling off the walls.

There were always many different types of mystery rooms, but all of them had the same 'stuck in time' feeling. These rooms had no real purpose other than housing broken down junk. It was as if these rooms were destined to never be used again; they were simply there to take up space and peak the curiosity of little kids.

Do you have a 'mystery room' in your house? Why not make the best of your space and actually use that room for something? Isn't a living room actually meant for living in? Isn't an attic there for a purpose beyond housing raccoons and useless clutter? Couldn't you convert your basement into something great? Simply give Junk King a call at 1-800-995-JUNK and haul away all that useless mystery room clutter today.

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