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Feel Safe At Home With Your Junk Hauling Service

Posted by Junk King on Oct 28, 2010 4:01:38 PM


Several decades ago, the country was a safer place. Home owners left their doors ajar to let the breeze in and drivers picked up hitchhikers without a second thought.

Repair men, the milk man and neighbors came and went through our homes without supervision. Although our memories of the standard American neighborhood in the 1950s may be somewhat cliche and distorted - it definitely was a safer time then.

Now you think twice about letting a stranger into your home or car - for good reason. You never know who the person entering your home is and what their agenda might be. It's better to be safe than sorry in the world we live in. That's why it is of the utmost importance to do your homework when you hire a service where strangers are going to be working in your home.

Most often we find trust in the service sectors through references - someone who used the person or company before and had good things to say about them. However, a good reference isn't always possible, especially within the world of specialized home services that span thousands of industries. Another good way to find references is online: sites like Yelp provide reviews from customers that can help you decide if you want a person or company to be in your home.

In the world of junk hauling, references are extremely important. Junk King takes pride in getting great reviews from its customers, which are reflected through testimonials across Junk King franchises around the country as well on sites like Yelp.com. Beyond references, all of Junk King's employees make a point to embody professionalism.

In the industry of junk hauling there also are quite a few 'companies' out there that don't make a point to be professional. That doesn't necessarily mean they won't be on time and efficient with their work . However, they simply don't have an image or brand to upkeep. For example, a company might pick up day-laborers or let their employees wear ripped jeans and t-shirts. The employees also might not be bonded and insured, so if they cause damage in a home it's left up to homeowner to deal with it. As far as feeling safe at home with these employees - it's not a sure bet.

Junk King makes sure all of it's employees are bonded to protect homeowners and their property. In addition, the Junk King image is extremely important to the company, which means all employees need to be in ship-shape with their uniforms and overall job performance. Essentially, when you let a Junk King employee into your home, we want you to feel like its the 1950s: a golden age when you felt safe and secure in your home and neighborhood, even with strangers around.

Get rid of your extra clutter today and book a junk hauling appointment with Junk King. call 1-888-888-JUNK or book online.

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