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E-Waste Recycling (E-Cycling)

Posted by Junk King on Oct 1, 2010 4:30:23 PM

US representatives Mike Thompson and Gene Green recently introduced a new bill to the House of Representatives that is meant to curb the exportation of e-waste to developing countries around the world. E-Waste, or Electronic Waste, means a variety leftover computer parts, screens, printers, and other electronic items that can be toxic when dumped into a landfill. Not only is e-waste a problem in other countries, but a big problem here in the US. Electronic items that are improperly disposed of can end up seeping toxic chemicals into our ground soil and elsewhere.

So, why is there so much e-waste around everywhere? Just look at the rate that people replace the electronics in their home. People are constantly marketed to and sold on the newest and best electronic devices - from replacing their old boxy television sets with flat screen HD-TVs to getting the best sub-woofer stereo systems available. Americans are typically very good consumers, which is one of the strengths of our economy. However, big consumption also means a large volume of waste, especially when it comes to the rapidly expanding electronic industry.

So how can you prevent e-waste from ending up in the wrong place? Get in the habit of E-Cycling. First you have to figure out where the e-waste in your home or business is. According to recent research, about 75% of e-waste is currently in storage. That means the printers, VCRs, stereos, and fax machines that are sitting around your house. Although they aren't hurting anyone right now, if they aren't dealt with in a responsible fashion they are more likely to get thrown out the wrong way.

Most people have a few e-waste 'repositories'; places in their home where all of these old electronic items pile up. It could be in your basement or garage, or up in the attic. If you work in or have a business, e-waste items might end up in a storage room down the hall.

Recycling is the best way to properly dispose of e-waste. The 3 R's pretty much sum it up: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce the amount of e-waste that you have by making sure your responsibly purchase good quality electronic equipment that won't need to be replaced every two months. Reuse your old electronic items that are still functioning by handing them down to someone else that could use them. Finally, make sure that those electronic items that are beyond repair are properly Recycled. This 3rd 'R' is the most difficult; many people aren't completely sure how to recycle their electronics.

Beyond finding and taking your items to the proper recycling facility in your neighborhood, you can hire a responsible hauling company to handle those larger items. Junk King has an expertise in properly recycling a variety of electronic items to make sure they don't end up in a landfill. Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or schedule an free on site e-waste recycling estimate today.

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