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What's in a Junk Removal Blog?

Posted by Junk King on Aug 27, 2010 5:39:40 PM


Many people out there might ask themselves: "What in the world is a Junk Removal Blog? What could possibly be so interesting in the business of junk removal that would require a blog all about it?"

Although those questions are often asked, there is actually quite a bit of interesting news in the junk hauling sector nowadays, particularly for the Junk King organization.

Junk King is rapidly expanding across the US, with new franchises in various locations like Tampa, Colorado Springs, Arizona and Massachusetts. Many of our franchisees have unique and interesting stories: from why they first got into the junk removal business to some of the strangest items they've ever picked up. Each of our franchisees also has their own local blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page where they can post updates and news about their territory.

I'd like to highlight a few recent posts from Junk King franchises across the country:

From the Junk King North San Diego Blog, an interview with franchise owner Bob Hoath:

Question: Is there one specific hauling job that stands out in your mind?

Bob: Yes, we recently did a job for a gentleman in Escondido. He had items in his garage ranging from small furniture to electronics such as computers and stereo equipment. He even had a large pile of shrubs and tree trimmings he needed to get rid of. He was so pleased that we were able to take everything at a good price and in a timely manner that he called back to just to thank us again.

Question: What’s one of the most interesting type of junk you’ve hauled so far?

Bob: We once came across a customer who was a big hunter. He had us hauling away all kinds of weird items that relate to hunting. Needless to say, we came across a real fowl smelling freezer that he wanted us to dispose of.

Follow Junk King North San Diego on Twitter @sandiegojunk or on become a fan on their Facebook Page.

From the Junk King Memphis Blog, an interview with franchise owner Kyle Neeley:

Question: What’s one of the most interesting items you’ve hauled so far?

Kyle: A 1950’s optometrist tool stand, which weighed an excess of 300lbs.

Question: What’s the biggest single item you’ve hauled so far?

Kyle: A 20-foot wooden sign making table.

Question: What’s the easiest part of your job?

Kyle: To me it’s dealing with the people, my wife and I both are very comfortable meeting new people and adapting to their needs.

Follow Junk King Memphis on Twitter @memphisjunk or on become a fan on their Facebook Page.

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