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4th of July Junk Removal

Posted by Junk King on Jun 29, 2010 4:02:54 PM


The 4th of July is coming up this weekend. This a great time of the year when Americans celebrate their independence day with backyard barbecues and gatherings with families and friends.

The 4th of July is a fantastic holiday because it lets people simply enjoy themselves - whether it be sampling some good ole' fashioned burgers and dogs, tossing back a cold one, watching sports, having a catch or any number of other summer activities. Usually 4th of July parties take place at somebody's house - is it going to be yours this year?

If that's the case, you probably already know a bit of preparation will go into throwing a successful 4th of July party. Beyond the standard prep such as inviting people, buying food and drinks, and cleaning the house, some heavy duty junk removal could help clear up some space for your party. Here are a few areas of the house that could use some 'de-cluttering' for your 4th of July get together:

Grill & BBQ area: The grilling area is the command center of any respectable 4th of July BBQ. This will be the place where people cook, gather around food, have drinks, and chat. That said- any unnecessary junk in this area will make it feel small and cluttered for your guests. If you bought a brand new grill for the fourth, the old one is probably still sitting on the porch. You'll need to get rid of it.

Pool area: If you are lucky enough to have pool you'll be sure to invite your 4th of July guests to take a dip, especially if it turns out to be a hot summer day. If you have a pool, you can also be assured that your guests will brings friends and maybe even friends of friends. You'll want to ensure that your pool area can accommodate quite a few guests that will be eating, laying out, running around, as well as jumping in and out of the pool. Any extra junk around the pool area can be both annoying and dangerous for your guests- be sure to haul that junk prior to your party.

Backyard: For most 4th of July events the backyard is center stage for the party. This is where the kids will run to after dinner to release all that excess energy. This is where the teens will escape to get away from the adults, and where you might consider throwing a ball around to burn off that extra burger and helping of potato salad. Any clutter like Yard Waste will only get in the way of having fun. A clutter-free yard will make for the best experience for you and your guests. Make sure any yard waste removal takes place prior to the party.

TV Room: This summer, soccer fans might pile into your TV room to watch the World Cup on the 4th of July (even though the U.S. was eliminated). You'll want to make sure that every guest has a seat or place to watch - any extra junk like old shelves, chests, or furniture will only get in the way of a great viewing experience.

Although you could try and haul all this junk yourself, there are a number of responsibilities you need to take on for your 4th of July party. The best option is to hire a reliable, efficient and eco-friendly Junk Removal service to do the hauling for you. Junk King can be in and out in no time; before you know it your house and yard will be junk-free and good to go for the best 4th of July yet.

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