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A Typical Day for a Junk King Franchisee

Posted by Junk King on Mar 5, 2010 2:44:36 PM

Starting a junk removal franchise with Junk King is an exciting and lucrative opportunity for budding entrepreneurs around the globe. Junk Removal is an expanding business sector as consumers look for reliable services to remove unwanted clutter from their home or business.

Junk King also recycles up to 60% of the junk they haul, which ties in nicely with the expanding green business sector. For those who are thinking about getting into the Junk Removal business, I’d like to provide an example of a typical day in the life of a Junk King Franchisee:

  1. Say hello to Dan. Dan recently bought a Junk King Franchise and has been doing great business around his city. This is the story of a typical day in the Junk Removal business for Dan.
  2. Dan starts off his workday by collaborating with his drivers: providing them with schedules, routes, and quotas for the day. The drivers then hop in their trucks and head out towards their booked junk removal appointments.
  3. Dan’s morning work doesn’t stop there. He heads back to his office where he’s scheduled a presentation for a local business that may be interested in Junk King’s services.
  4. Meanwhile, a nearby homeowner calls with a request for Junk King’s junk hauling services. This call is received at the Junk King Customer Call Center where a booking specialist inputs the details of the appointment into Junk King’s network – JunkKingNetware. JunkKingNetware automatically sends the appointment request to Dan and his drivers.
  5. Dan can instantly access JunkKingNetware from a computer and see all the booked appointments as well as the location of all of his trucks. Dan’s drivers can also access the appointments en-route from their mobile phones.
  6. One of Dan’s drivers picks up the new appointment information and heads over to the appropriate address. The homeowner is glad to see the Junk King team give her an up front estimate on how much the process will cost (based on how much room in the truck her stuff takes up). She decides to move forward with the job and the team efficiently hauls away all of her unwanted clutter.
  7. Within 1-2 days, a representative from Junk King’s Customer Call Center rings the homeowner to find out if her junk removal needs were satisfied.
  8. Dan ends his day at the office, fulfilled after a job well done and making sure all loose ends are tied up. He calls Junk King’s central office support with any questions that came up during the day so that he can do an even better job tomorrow.

For more information on becoming a Junk King franchisee, check out the junk removal franchise section of our website.

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