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15 Ways a Yard Dumpster Can Help with Your Summer Cleanup

Posted by Junk King on Jun 26, 2018 6:44:00 PM

Summer is here, and that means plenty of good weather and some additional free time to take care of important tasks around the house. Maybe you did some spring cleaning on the inside of your home, but what about the exterior?
After spring rains leave, the summer sun can kick the growth of greenery into high gear.Is it time to set aside a few days and do some heavy-duty yard work around the house, or are you thinking about clearing out more junk from inside your home? When you're ready to tackle the big task of cleaning up during the summer, consider how a yard dumpster can make the job easier for you.

  1. A yard dumpster makes it easier to get started

15-Ways-a-Yard-Dumpster-Can-Help-with-Your-Summer-Cleanup-Junk-King-CAAll you need to do to begin working on your project is call and arrange for delivery of a dumpster to your premises. When you finish the work, call again and ask for it to be removed. There's no need to run errands to buy supplies or make calls to your municipal garbage collector to find out what they'll accept.

  1. You can tackle the whole job at once

With all the space that a dumpster has for storage, you won't have to worry about running out of space in the middle of your yard work. Once you're in a good working rhythm, it's especially frustrating to have to stop if you run out of space. A rented dumpster gives you an easy way to keep generating more yard waste without breaking up the workday.

  1. It's simpler to fill a dumpster than garbage bags

Anyone who has ever spent time raking leaves in the autumn knows how frustrating it can be to fill garbage bags with yard waste. Why spend all the extra time it takes to figure out how to fill the bag up all the way? Instead, haul the debris over to the dumpster, or discard directly into it as needed.

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  1. It's a more pleasing visually than bags, too

A dumpster rental might not be the most attractive choice, but it's a lot better looking that dozens of black bags stuffed full of yard waste sitting on the curb. When you obtain a dumpster, you can minimize the amount of refuse visible to you and your neighbors. With a partner that offers fast retrieval services, you won't have to wait for garbage day either.

  1. Dumpsters are large enough for even big debris

Cans and bags can't hold big tree limbs or trunks. If you're planning on removing an entire tree, that could translate into some very large pieces, even after you cut them up further. With a yard dumpster, there's never a concern about coming across an item too big for disposal.

  1. It's more eco-friendly

Using a dumpster instead of bagging up your waste has a positive environmental impact, too. You won't be sending all that extra plastic to a landfill. Instead, the biodegradable waste like leaves, tree trimmings, and more will all have the chance to break down naturally.

  1. You'll only pay for what you use

While this isn't true for every rental company, you can find flexible pricing options for dumpsters that let you save some cash. When you're on a tight budget and want to improve your property, this is a very useful feature. Typically, if you use half or less of the available space, you will pay a reduced rate. If it turns out you have less debris than expected, you aren't locked in to overpaying on a flat rate.

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  1. It works for many types of summer projects

The beauty of a dumpster is that it doesn't discriminate against what you need to discard. So long as you aren't adding in hazardous or prohibited waste, the junk removal company you choose will haul it all away. You could even complete multiple projects with the same dumpster.

  1. Non-yard waste might be recyclable

What if you decide to take advantage of having a dumpster around and you toss some junk from your home too? If you throw other things in along with trimmings from outside, some businesses will put in the effort to find what can be recycled in what you discard. Those items will go to the right place, while the rest is disposed of correctly. With only about 34% of waste in the US going to recycling, every little bit counts.

  1. You can take as much time as you need

There's rarely a serious time pressure with a dumpster rental, though you should only request a drop-off when you're ready to get to work. Most companies will allow you several days of rental without additional service fees, which gives you plenty of wiggle room to spend several days doing the hard work and filling up the space.

  1. It's easy to place in a convenient location

If there's easy access to the space around your house, you can often have the dumpster placed where you need it most. While the driveway is often the most common choice, other spots (if they are not on public property) can work too. It’s especially useful for work on the roof or when cleaning gutters. Just position the dumpster near the edge of the home and toss things inside with ease.

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  1. No need to separate different types of waste items

If you tried to rely on municipal garbage collection to get rid of all the waste you could throw in a yard dumpster, you'll spend far more time separating items. Yard clippings will need to be in one set of bags, junk such as old furniture or items you no longer want will need to be in other bags, and so forth. With a dumpster, everything goes to the same place. If it's allowed, you don't need to think about it again after you throw it away.

  1. You can break your project up into phases

What if you don't have the time to get to everything on your to-do list at once? With the pay-as-you-go structure for rentals, you don't have to worry about that. Rent a dumpster, work on the project as much as you can, send it back, and pay for what you used. When you have time again, you can easily request another dumpster to repeat the process.

  1. You can get more space if needs require

Did you underestimate the amount of waste your cleanup would create? That's not a problem, either. Exchanging rentals is easy. In fact, often a replacement dumpster will arrive at the same time the rental company's staff removes the one you filled. This seamless transition cuts down on wasted time and lets you get back to work faster.

  1. You can have it removed promptly when you complete your job

As mentioned, there's no need to wait for long after you finish the project. When you're finished, the dumpster doesn't have to sit in your driveway for days waiting for collection. Instead, you can call up your provider and let them know it’s filled up and ready for collection. Once it's gone, you can enjoy the results of your hard work.

With all these benefits in one package, it's not hard to see why a yard dumpster can be the ideal choice for your summer cleanup project. Simply look for a provider with flexible pricing options and the ability to bring the dumpster straight to you. With a convenient way to dispose of all the waste you generate right nearby, you can seize the summer and make real progress around your home.

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